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  SPECIAL O.P.S. came about when I retired from the U.S. Army after 21 years of service. I had always been a Harley guy but had lusted after Buells for years. After dropping several hints to the wife that a new XB12 would make a great retirement gift she finally gave in.
   I purchased my 2004 XB12S in June of 2004 and was completely satisfied with the performance and handling of the bike. What I wanted was more sound without losing any power or torque. I purchased a few pipes on Ebay and starting working a few internals around to see what I could come up with. I ran my first pipe (an XB9 pipe) on my XB12 and was happy with the results but felt I could get more out of it. I also wondered if the Interactive Exhaust Valve could be retained since it did such a good job in the stock configuration. After reworking some XB12 pipes I settled on the current version.
   All of this was borne out of a desire for more sound and performance. The name came about from a nickname I was given years ago when I served in the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Devens Ma. A friend had a problem pronouncing my last name so he started calling me Odie. It has stuck and everyone, including my wife, calls me Odie now. I put the unit I was with and the nickname together to come up with SPECIAL O.P.S. (Odie's Performance Systems).
   Numerous people think that I have a sizable business with several employees. On the contrary. I'm just one guy doing pipe mods in his small shop behind his house. All the mod's, finish work, painting, and packaging are done by me. I try to keep turn around time to a minimum but sometimes life gets in the way- kids, work, and of course, the infamous "Honey Do" list.
  I want to clarify the above paragraph. If you have a deadline to meet and need your parts by a certain date please let me know so we can coordinate times and schedules. I am VERY busy 20 hours out of 24 every single day. I get tons of emails and orders from around the world daily. I try very hard to keep everyone happy but sometimes folks slip through the cracks. My wife and I have 2 businesses and I have a full-time job also. We are stretched very, very thin and it is difficult to keep up sometimes. Please have a little patience and understanding with the expected return date for your products. I really do try to get everyone's stuff to them as fast as possible. Thanks for your understanding.